Uploading Pictures

Q: What kind of file do I need to upload?

A: The website at present can only facilitate a jpg file. To check your image is a jpg, click on the picture file. A list of options will pop up with 'properties' at the bottom. Click on 'properties' and a window will open with two tabs at the top, 'General' and 'Summary'. The 'General' tab is displayed and you can view the type of file.

Q: What kind of resolution does the picture need to be?

A: We recommend that a resolution of 200-300dpi and a size of around 500kb for the photo, as this will ensure a high-quality card. If your card is not of good enough quality, a pop-up warning will appear before you proceed with your order.


Online Proofs

Q: Can I see a proof?

A: Your card can be proofed free online and you can check all details are correct before you place your order. Please note that once you proceed and agree that all details are correct, your card will be printed exactly how the details and pictures appear on the screen.



Q: How long does delivery take?

A: We use standard postage with An Post, and the majority of orders are received within 1-3 working days within the Republic of Order. Please note that at certain times of the year, delivery make takes longer, particularly around Christmas. We recommend that if you need your card by a certain date to order in plenty of time to avoid any delays that may occur. 


Refunds and Returns

Our aim is to ensure our customers receive the highest quality print products. We print using the latest technology to ensure a high-quality finish. Factors outside our control are:

a) The quality of the image a customer may upload

b) Computers used by our customers whose settings may vary and therefore the uploaded image may display differently from one computer to another.

c) Spelling mistakes and errors of any editable text on the card.

d) Quick Click Cards use both digital and lithographic print technologies because of the different printing methods - it is impossible to compare like with like.

In the event you receive the print which you consider unsatisfactory, you should return it to our offices. If in our assessment, and after allowing for the above, the complaint is justified, we will offer replacement cards or a full refund.

We recommend rotating your phone for the best editing experience.