Uploading Pictures

What kind of file do I need to upload?
The website at present can only facilitate a jpeg file. 
To check the file is a jpeg right click on the actual picture file. A list of options will pop up with "Properties" at the bottom. Click on "Properties." A window will open with two tabs at the top, "General" and "Summary." The “General” tab is displayed and you can view the type of file. 

What kind of resolution does the picture need to be?
We recommend that a resolution of 200-300 dpi and a size of around 500KB for the photo as this will ensure a high quality card. To check the size of your photo, copy your picture to your desktop and right click on your image. Select properties and under the general information you are able to view the type and size of your file. 

To check the resolution of a photo?
To check the print resolution of the picture click on the "Check Picture Quality" button. If you magnify this proof up to 200% you will be able to view the sharpness of the picture. If the picture is blurred then the picture resolution may not be of high enough quality to send to print. If the picture is clear at 200% then the printed quality will be fine. Please note uploading a high quality image will yield better reproduction results.

Do I have to use a digital camera?
Ideally digital cameras produce the best quality pictures. Photographs taken with a mobile phone are often of too low dpi and size and therefore will not be of good enough quality to print. For best results please upload a photo taken using a digital camera which is set to a medium or high resolution.
What kind of picture works best? 
Simple and natural ones. If you look at the pictures we have taken you may get an idea. Try to keep background noise to a minimum and if possible use natural light instead of a flash. We can work with colour or black & white pictures.

Online Proofs

Can I see a proof? 
Your card can be proofed free online and so you can check all the details are correct before you place an order. Please note that once an order is placed it will be printed exactly how the details and picture appear on the screen.
Card Preview
If your text does not appear on the card preview, please check the amount of characters you have placed in one line, as a maximum of 70 characters can only be placed on one line.