Privacy Policy


Customer Satisfaction
Our aim is to ensure our customers receive the highest quality print products. We print using the latest technology to ensure a high quality finish. Factors outside our control are:

a) The quality of the image a customer may upload.

b) Computers used by our customers whose settings may vary and therefore the uploaded image may display differently from one computer to another 

c)QuickClickCards use both digital and lithographic print technologies because of the different printing methods - it is impossible to compare like with like.

In the event you receive print which you consider unsatisfactory, you should return them to the office. If, in our assessment, and after allowing for the above, the complaint is justified we will offer replacement cards or a full refund.

Secure Payment Gateway
Realex Merchant Systems process all our online payments. They offer a secure payment gateway system and at no time do QuickClickCards have any access to the payment details provided by our customers. Your order will automatically be sent for processing once payment has been successfully confirmed. The following payment cards are accepted: MasterCard, Visa and Laser.